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Rapid road construction is essential   

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) issued just one letter of acceptance (LoA) in January for a 15-km-long road project. Last month was not an aberration; even on a YTD basis, the total awards could not cross 2600 km, with only roughly 600 km of it coming up in the second half of FY2022.

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JCC meet up to dicuss capacity development project of highways

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) held the 9th Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meeting of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)-supported ‘Capacity Development Project on Highways in Mountainous Regions’ online on 11th February. This JCC was the final meeting prior to the project’s completion in March 2022.

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Highways ministry forms panel to examine court orders

The roads ministry has formed a committee to assess all arbitral awards or court decisions with a settlement value exceeding Rs 1 billion, in an effort to expedite dispute resolution and discourage the practice of appealing such awards. Additionally, the committee will advise the NHAI on whether to seek conciliation/settlement or to challenge arbitral verdicts or court orders.

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Rising WPI inflation to accelerate higher road toll collections in FY23

Increased wholesale price index inflation will result in an increase in toll rates in FY23, benefiting road projects with higher collections. The increase in toll rates is proportional to the WPI, whereas the volume of traffic is proportional to underlying economic activity, namely manufacturing, construction, and mining. 

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Year-End Review 2021

Year-end review 2021 In the last seven years, length of NHs has gone up by more than 50 per cent from 91,287 km (as on April 2014) to around 1,41,000 km now. The Union Cabinet approved “PM Gati Shakti - National Master Plan...

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